Spectacular Shot Of Hot Tea Thrown Into Air

I can’t get enough of this spectacular shot by Ontario-based photographer Michael H. Davies. Davies and his friend Markus packed multiple thermoses filled with hot tea and threw it into air to get this incredible effect.  It was shot amid temperatures near -40°C in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. At such frigid temperatures water freezes instantly to create a mist that frames… Read More Spectacular Shot Of Hot Tea Thrown Into Air

The ‘Removed’ Series by Photographer Eric Pickersgill

The ‘removed’ series by photographer Eric Pickersgill is the perfect depiction of how technology has driven us apart. He removed smartphones from his photograph to show our extreme obsession with our smartphones and the damage they’re doing to our relationships. He got this idea while sitting in Illium Cafe & Bistro​, Troy, New York​ one… Read More The ‘Removed’ Series by Photographer Eric Pickersgill

World’s Largest 3D-printed Architectural Pavilion

Chinese architects Yu Lei and Xu Feng of the Beijing’s Laboratory for Creative Design managed to design and built VULCAN, a white latticed structure that has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest 3D-printed architectural pavilion which symbolizes the future of architecture. It was recently unveiled at Beijing Design Week​’15. Yu Lei says: “VULCAN… Read More World’s Largest 3D-printed Architectural Pavilion