Lei Xue Uses Smashed Cans to Create Ming Dynasty Style Porcelain

Chinese artist Lei Xue, the brain behind the ongoing series titled Drinking Tea, sculpted these crumbled white cans in the traditional style of Ming Dynasty porcelain. The artist fused modernism and tradition by using his vivid imagination. Unlike the mechanical process of producing real aluminum cans in a factory, each smashed ceramic is sculpted and painted entirely by hand with blue patterns… Read More Lei Xue Uses Smashed Cans to Create Ming Dynasty Style Porcelain

You don’t take a photograph, you make it!

Delhi-based photographer Vatsal Kataria shoots dreamy photos using his artistic skills and minimum resources. Instead of photographing expensive cars in glamorous outdoor locations, he creates realistic miniature sets using everyday objects and products.  He says: “My motive is to encourage everyone that you can be creative and great photographer — it’s not just expensive gear… Read More You don’t take a photograph, you make it!

Hyper Realistic Miniature Model by Joshua Smith

Adelaide-based Australian miniature artist Joshua Smith perfectly created the 1:20 scale hyper realistic miniature model of a Chinese gritty urban building based on 23 Temple Street, Hong Kong by using nothing but wood, cardboard, plastic card, chalk pastels, spray paint and wire. And that’s not all. There is another cool thing about this project. He created the… Read More Hyper Realistic Miniature Model by Joshua Smith

‘Paperboyo’ Transforms Photos into Funny Scenes

London-based paper artist and photographer Rich McCor Paperboyo transform world historical landmarks and statues into funnily awesome scenes by just adding simple black colored paper cutouts in the foreground of the subject. He brings life to these tourist attractions through his witty imagination and tells a completely different story. Here are some of my favorite pictures he’s… Read More ‘Paperboyo’ Transforms Photos into Funny Scenes

Colorful Stanton Street Courts by KAWS

  NIKE has collaborated with Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly (KAWS) who is known for his brightly colored and cartoon-like works to turn New York’s Stanton Street basketball courts into colorful murals. KAWS painted his signature motifs across two side-by-side 116 by 80 feet basketball courts. The installation is part of the city-wide initiatives, New York Made, celebrating the… Read More Colorful Stanton Street Courts by KAWS

Tree of Joy

Remember our friend Thomas Yang from  100copies bicycle art? Yeah, that creative guy who loves combining his passion for both art and cycling. He is back with the special Christmas treat called “Tree of Joy”. Yang created a 840mm X 460mm silhouette pine tree by using the Chinese blow painting technique. I pedal away, tickling up the mountain, pushing… Read More Tree of Joy