Da Vinci of Dirt

If you have a dirty car, I have an idea for you. So, don’t you dare to wash it!  😀 You can take inspiration from Scott Wade who is known as the “Dirty Car Artist” or the “Da Vinci of Dirt”. What did you say? Why? :p Because he creates amazing works of art on the rear windows of dirt encrusted cars (sometimes his own and sometimes strangers). Cool! Isn’t it? 😉  This Texas based artist began creating his masterpieces with his finger on dirty cars. Now he use pencils and paintbrushes too. He has recreated the work of famous artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Vermeer, and also drawn celebrity portraits like Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein, Will & Kate, and other celebrities from around the world. 🙂

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